About me

I am a graduate student (2021 - 2024, expected) in Zhejiang University, supervised by Prof. Rui Wang and Yuchi Huo. I am also working closely with Dr. Fujun Luan in Adobe Research. Previously, I received the B.Eng. degree from CS, ZJU in 2021. I was very lucky to do research with Prof. Kai Bu during my undergraduate years.

Research Interests

My research interests lie in the intersection between computer graphics and computer vision, specifically, in inverse rendering, scene reconstruction and neural rendering. I used to research on computer architecture and system security.


  • [02/2023] Our paper I$^2$-SDF: Intrinsic Indoor Scene Reconstruction and Editing via Raytracing in Neural SDFs is accepted by CVPR 2023! Visit the project page and arXiv!
  • [01/2023] Our dataset InteriorVerse has been released! Visit here to download!
  • [09/2022] Our paper Hitchhiker: Accelerating ORAM with Dynamic Scheduling is accepted by IEEE Transactions on Computers!
  • [08/2022] Our paper Learning-based Inverse Rendering of Complex Indoor Scenes with Differentiable Monte Carlo Raytracing is conditionally accepted by SIGGRAPH Asia 2022 (Conference Track)! Visit the project page!

Selected Awards

  • Outstanding Undergraduate Thesis Award, ZJU, 2021
  • Outstanding Undergraduate Award, ZJU, 2021
  • “Academic Star” Honorary Title of CS department of ZJU (10 candidates out of 300+ students), 2020
  • GPA rank 1st in CS major (1/154), 2020
  • Zhejiang Province Scholarship, ZJU, 2018 and 2019