About me

I am a graduate student (2021 - 2024, expected) in Zhejiang University, supervised by Prof. Rui Wang and Yuchi Huo. I am also working closely with Dr. Fujun Luan in Adobe Research. Previously, I received the B.Eng. degree from CS, ZJU in 2021. I was very lucky to do research with Prof. Kai Bu during my undergraduate years.

I will finish my master in spring 2024, and I am actively looking for PhD positions in fall 2024. Please contact me if you’re interested :)

Research Interests

My research interests lie in the intersection between computer graphics and computer vision, specifically, in inverse rendering, scene reconstruction and neural rendering. I used to research on computer architecture and system security.


  • [08/2023] Our paper FuseSR: Super Resolution for Real-time Rendering through Efficient Multi-resolution Fusion is conditionally accepted by SIGGRAPH Asia 2023 (Conference Track)! Visit the project page and arXiv!
  • [07/2023] Our paper Seal-3D: Interactive Pixel-Level Editing for Neural Radiance Fields is accepted by ICCV 2023! Visit the project page!
  • [02/2023] Our paper I$^2$-SDF: Intrinsic Indoor Scene Reconstruction and Editing via Raytracing in Neural SDFs is accepted by CVPR 2023! Visit the project page and arXiv!
  • [01/2023] Our dataset InteriorVerse has been released! Visit here to download!
  • [09/2022] Our paper Hitchhiker: Accelerating ORAM with Dynamic Scheduling is accepted by IEEE Transactions on Computers!
  • [08/2022] Our paper Learning-based Inverse Rendering of Complex Indoor Scenes with Differentiable Monte Carlo Raytracing is conditionally accepted by SIGGRAPH Asia 2022 (Conference Track)! Visit the project page!

Selected Awards

  • National Scholarship (top 1%), 2023
  • Outstanding Undergraduate Thesis Award, ZJU, 2021
  • Outstanding Undergraduate Award, ZJU, 2021
  • “Academic Star” Honorary Title of CS department of ZJU (10 candidates out of 300+ students), 2020
  • GPA rank 1st in CS major (1/154), 2020
  • Zhejiang Province Scholarship, ZJU, 2018 and 2019